This year’s Global Exhibitions Day–set for June 1, 2022–has finally arrived. For seven years, this important day has given people in the event planning industry a chance to connect with each other and raise political awareness about their line of work. And with in-person exhibitions finally starting to bounce back from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s never been a better time to discuss the indispensable role these events play in the economy.

Are you planning to celebrate Global Exhibitions Day? If you need advice on the best ways to observe this day, read on for a list of ideas.

Get Active on Social Media

One of the best ways to celebrate Global Exhibitions Day is to share your story. There are many ways to do this, but social media platforms are some of the most effective outlets at your disposal. 

If your organization is active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media app or website, consider sharing information and resources about exhibitions throughout the day. The official hashtag for this year’s event is #GED2022, so be sure to follow that tag and include it in your posts.

Luckily, posting about Global Exhibitions Day doesn’t have to involve a massive amount of work on your part. The official Global Exhibitions Day website has put together great resources for people planning to talk about this event, including messaging guidelines and high-quality graphical assets. 

Attend Virtual/In-Person Events

Global Exhibitions Day is all about the importance of in-person events, so holding or attending events to celebrate the day just makes sense. Depending on where your organization is based, you might be able to find an event in honor of Global Exhibitions Day nearby. Check out The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry’s event page for great virtual and in-person forums, summits, and meetings. 

You can also check out the #GED2022 hashtag on social media and the event’s official website.

Become an Advocate

Advocacy is a huge part of Global Exhibitions Day. That includes social media posts, but there’s more you can do, as well. For example, you might want to directly contact your elected officials to advocate for exhibitions.

Whether you’re talking to members of Congress or state representatives, there’s no denying that advocating for in-person events can be intimidating. That’s especially true if you haven’t been involved with politics in the past. However, keeping these tips in mind should make things much easier:

Know What You’re Asking For

Ideally, your message should go beyond simply raising awareness of exhibitions. To make your political efforts even more effective, try to have a specific request in mind for your target audience. For example, you could ask politicians to co-sponsor or vote for a bill that could help the exhibition industry get back to normal.

Support Your Point With Statistics

When you’re asking a politician to do something, you should be able to tell them why it’s essential. That means you’ll need to go beyond sharing platitudes about the exhibition industry. Instead, be sure to provide statistics and concrete information about what makes this industry such a crucial part of the global economy.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend hours doing research. Start with the official Global Exhibitions Day 2022 infographic, which is packed with fast facts about the state of the market and its worldwide impact. You can find additional information elsewhere on the event’s website.

Have Resources in Your Back Pocket

Global Exhibitions Day honors in-person exhibitions for one day of the year, but these events help people connect with other members of their industries all year round. Spending time networking and learning about event planning, gives you the knowledge to put on a great event of your own.

The key to planning and running a successful exhibition is having access to the right tools and resources. In many cases, that means hiring a qualified trade show partner like Heritage Nationwide Exhibition Services for support. With 50-plus years of experience in the event planning industry and locations near more than 60 U.S. cities, the team at Heritage can help your event go off without a hitch.