For many event organizers, nationwide trade show decorators play an indispensable role in helping to create unforgettable events for attendees and exhibitors alike. With that said, finding the perfect fit for your event can be challenging–especially if your location changes from year to year. Ideally, you’ll want to find someone you can work with on an ongoing basis so each event doesn’t mean you’ll go back to the drawing board. 

To find the right nationwide trade show decorator, consider the following: 

Do They Provide More Than Just Decor? 

A trade show decorator’s job goes well beyond setting up displays. Along with handling these essentials, the best contractors go above and beyond by reliably providing freight and material handling, floor plan design, full renderings, general session services, show branding, and more.

And while the COVID-19 pandemic is no longer preventing in-person events from taking place, its lingering effects are still wreaking havoc on the supply chain and shipping logistics. That means it’s more important than ever to find a partner you can trust for freight and material handling.

Do They Have Incredible Customer Service? 

Needless to say, organizing and holding trade shows can be a high-stress, time-sensitive job. If one of your event partners drops the ball, that stress will only increase. This is especially true regarding your trade show contractor since their work will play a massive role in your event’s overall success or failure.

In many industries, Google reviews are an excellent way to separate companies that offer high-quality customer service from those that don’t. However, that’s not quite the case in the event world–online reviews of nationwide trade show decorators can be harder to find. If you have a trade show decorator in mind, talk to one of their representatives about:

  • Photos of past events they’ve worked on
  • How they will assist you before, during, and after your show
  • What they do to guarantee exceptional service

Is Their Design Team State-of-the-Art? 

Make design one of your top priorities when looking for a trade show decorator. The best companies in this industry employ design specialists who work directly with clients. That way, you’ll get an early look at displays and units and have a chance to approve them in advance.

It’s also crucial for trade show decorators to stay up to date with trends in event design. Make sure the business you partner with can deliver fresh, current-looking graphic design ideas–not just visual materials that are outdated. 

You’ll also want to double-check that any partner you hire has access to the cutting-edge technology needed to make these design concepts a reality.

Is the Pricing Transparent?

In too many cases, trade show decorators will promote an unbelievably low introductory price. And like many “unbelievable” deals, you shouldn’t believe these rates. After all, there are countless hidden fees they might not include, making the actual cost for these services much less appealing.

As an alternative, it’s wise to go with a decorator that offers realistic rates for their work. That’s not to say you’ll get a completely fixed cost before your trade show–by its nature, event planning comes with all kinds of variables. Still, you should search for companies that share a transparent estimate and work hard to keep you in the loop on any changes well before you receive the final invoice.

Proven Excellence

Picking a business to take care of your trade show decorating needs can be an in-depth process. However, the resulting event will be more than worth the time and effort you put in. 

Heritage Nationwide Exhibition Services is the meeting industry’s most trusted provider of services for event organizers and exhibitors. They have decades of experience and handle everything from the overall design to installation and dismantling. As the Official General Service Contractor, they are on-site for the duration of the event and always available to tackle any issues or additions needed.

Make your decision easy. Work with the best nationwide trade show decorator–work with Heritage!