Hassle-free shipping and set-up of your booth

Logistics encompass a lot of critical information. Which transportation companies can you trust? Will our booth make it to the show in time? How can we be sure our freight makes it back safe? We understand the importance of getting your booth to the floor and set up safely – and we’re here to help.

Heritage provides full-service delivery, set-up, break down and return shipment for event exhibitors’ booth and materials.

Need a hand?


HES’ national footprint and full-service transportation provides exhibitors with competitive round-trip rates on LTL (less than truckload shipping), air and expedited services with continuous tracking and monitoring. You just pack it up and we’ll take it from there.

For more information about delivery options for your upcoming event contact our Exhibitor Transportation Team, HES Logistics at
(866) 493-1675 or email [email protected].




Send in advance of the event

Exhibitors can begin shipping to our warehouse 30 days prior to the event with designated shipping labels found in the exhibitor kit. At any point, the exhibitor can confirm delivery of their shipment to the advanced warehouse by contacting Heritage. With payment on file, the freight will be delivered to the exhibitor’s booth, ready when they arrive for setup – no waiting around.

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Advance Warehouse Shipping Labels

Show Site

Send to arrive the day of event set-up

Exhibitors can ship to the show site for arrival on the dates and times of exhibitor setup only, the event venue is unable to store and manage exhibit freight before the show. Heritage will be on-site the days of exhibitor set-up to receive your shipment and deliver it to your booth as identified on your shipping label.

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Show Site Shipping Labels



Hassle-free labor

Exhibitors may choose to hire Heritage to install and/or dismantle their booth once it arrives to the show floor. Heritage-supervised installation services allow you as an exhibitor to simply walk into their show-ready booth and focus on the event; dismantle labor services relieve you of any responsibility related to the booth upon the event’s close. Heritage will coordinate the dismantling process and complete all outbound paperwork (BOLs, shipping labels, etc.).

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Display labor

Booth packages

You may also choose from Heritage’s turn-key booth options that offer a true no-touch experience.

You select the design and collaborate with our designers on your complete booth display. We take care of the rest. Just show up for your event and walk away at the end. Learn more about our Exhibitor Units and Displays.



Prepare your booth for shipping

Exhibitors are responsible for breaking down and packing up their display unless dismantle labor services have been ordered through Heritage.
Empty containers are returned to the booth at the close of the show for re-packing. All packages must have a shipping label, be banded or wrapped if required, and a Heritage Bill of Lading (BOL) must be completed and delivered to the on-site service desk once you have arranged for pick up during carrier check-in time with your selected carrier.

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Outbound Shipping Information

Return shipping services

Heritage’s event carrier will arrange return shipping for your booth freight from the show. Contact HES Logistics today to order return shipping from the event at (866) 493-1675 or email [email protected].

Heritage’s dismantle labor services will dismantle, pack and prepare your booth freight at the close of the show as well as complete all outbound paperwork (BOLs, shipping labels, etc.), relieving you  of any responsibility related to the booth upon the event’s close.

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Labor Services


For additional information about Exhibitor Labor and Delivery,
you may contact Heritage Exhibitor Services or login to your Exhibitor Kit.